Q17: Affects of Silicone Migration We are researching the affects of silicone migration onto electronic circuitry. We have heard of military contractors not allowing silicone materials in certain parts of the factory. Are you familar with any potential hazards to health or long-term product reliability due to products exposed to silicone materials?

Silicone conformal coatings have been linked to relay failures due to contamination over time.

Silicones also have a tendency to contaminate other surfaces affecting the wetting and surface adhesion of conformal coatings.

As coatings move away from solvent based systems due to VOC reduction directives in Europe wetting issues are more obvious.

This is due to the fact that VOC free coatings are 100% solids or water based and lack the quasi cleaning ability of traditional solvent based coatings.

We would generally not recommend that a conformal coating process is close to any silicone process.

Thursday, 8th October 2009