Q1: We have reviewed your website and can find no mention of a Parylene coating. What is it and do you provide it?

Parylene, also know as Polyparaxylelene, is a very good Conformal Coating that applies by a vapor deposition process. However Parylene is also a very expensive coating. Not only is the material itself expensive, the equipment required to apply Parylene is also expensive. Parylene is vacuum deposited onto the assembly and one application cycle can require many hours to complete.

Due to its cost and application issues, Parylene does not readily lend itself to large volume application and subsequently HumiSeal has chosen not to include it in our range of product offerings. If you have an application where you feel that Parylene may be required, there is a strong possibility that another Coating may suffice at far less expense. Please contact HumiSeal directly and allow us to assist you with a potential offset recommendation.

Tuesday, 19th December 2006