UV Curable (Type AR/UR)

HumiSeal UV40 is now UL recognized and represents an exciting innovation in UV curable chemistry that provides performance superiority, over both traditional UV curable products and solvent-based materials. UV40 not only maintains the rapid cure speed and environment-friendly nature that is popular in today’s electronic fabrication, it also offers advantages not found in existing UV curable products:

  1. Greater adhesion to a wide range of commonly used solder resists
  2. Higher IR (insulation resistance) and MIR (moisture insulation resistance)
  3. Resistance to a wider range of solvents
  4. Greater flexibility at a wide range of temperatures
  5. Does not become brittle at low temperatures
  6. A truly reliable secondary (shadow area) moisture activated cure mechanism.

These products do not necessarily represent our complete UV Curable (Type AR/UR) range.