HumiSeal® 1C48 is a fast moisture cure, low viscosity VOC-free silicone conformal coating which provides excellent moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies. HumiSeal® 1C48 is solvent free and can be cured at room temperature in just a few minutes. HumiSeal® 1C48 is RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU compliant.

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Properties of HumiSeal® 1C48

Product Specification
Density, per ASTM D1475 1.01 ± 0.03 g/cm³
Min. Solids Content, % by weight per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4044 100%
Viscosity, per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4287 270 ± 50 centipoise
VOC 0 grams/liter
Recommended Coating Thickness 50 – 200 microns
Drying Time to Handle per Fed-Std-141, Meth. 4061 5 min (100 μm, 50% RH at 21 ºC)
8 min (200 μm, 50% R.H. at 21 ºC)
1.5 min (100 μm, 8% R.H. at 60 ºC)
4 min (200 μm, 8% R.H. at 60 ºC)
Recommended Curing Conditions 24 hrs. @ RT (> 40% R.H.)
Time required to Reach Optimum Properties 7 days
Recommended Stripper HumiSeal® Stripper 1091
Shelf Life at Room Temperature, DOM 12 months
Dielectric Strength per ASTM D149 18.5 KV/mm
Hardness, per ASTM D-2240-95 25 Shore A
Volume Resistivity per ASTM D-257 3.44 x 1014 ohms.cm (344TΩ.cm)
Surface Resistivity, per ASTM D-257 3.0 x 1014 ohms per sq.(300TΩ/sq.)
Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C 5.0 x 1013 ohms (50TΩ)
Moisture Insulation Resistance, per MIL-I-46058C 45.2 x 1010 ohms (452GΩ)

Application of HumiSeal® 1C48

Cleanliness of the substrate is of extreme importance for the successful application of a conformal coating. Contamination under the coating could cause problems that may lead to assembly failures. For best performance, surfaces should be free of moisture, dirt, wax, grease, flux residues and all other contaminants. If this product will be applied over “no clean” assembly materials, the user should conduct adequate testing to verify compatibility and reliability of the coated assembly.

1C48 is designed for application without additional thinning. Solvents or other thinners should not be mixed with 1C48. 1C48 may be applied by spray, brushing, flow coating or dipping. The time required to reach a tack free state is dependent on ambient conditions such as temperature and relative humidity. The processing guidelines contained in this document were obtained with an ambient relative humidity of 50%.

Uniformity of the film depends on component density and operator’s technique.

A controlled rate of immersion and withdrawal (5-15 cm/min) will ensure even deposition of the coating and ultimately a uniform film. Blanketing dip tanks with an inert gas such as nitrogen can extend pot life.

HumiSeal® 1C48 may be applied using conventional spraying equipment. Spraying should be done in an environment with adequate ventilation so that the vapour and mist are carried away from the operator. The use of thinner is not required or recommended for HumiSeal® 1C48.

When HumiSeal® 1C48 stored in original containers at 5 ºC to 40 ºC, the shelf life is expected to be 12 months. If coating is partially used, the container should be purged with dry nitrogen prior to resealing. Once opened, refrigerated storage at below 10 ºC is recommended. Prior to use, allow the product to equilibrate for 24 hours at room temperature (above 16 ºC).

Application of HumiSeal® Conformal Coatings should be carried out in accordance with local and National Health and Safety regulations.

Use only in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of vapours or spray. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Consult MSDS/SDS prior to use.