Epoxy Encapsulation Solution 2E25

Epoxy adhesive or encapsulant with range of mix ratios and hardness resulting in high bond strength to variety of materials. Very good electric insulator, resistant to gasses, water, petroleum products, and acids. FDA compliant.

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Chemistry Epoxy
Viscosity Part A (CPs) 12,000
Viscosity Part B (CPs) 14,000
Mix Ratio 2:1 to 1:2
Pot Life (min)* 60
Handling Time (min)* 120
Full Cure** 12 hr @ RT or 2 hr @ 65oC
Cure Type 2 component with heat option
Color Amber
Hardness D64 to D80 depending on mix ratio
Operating Temp (°C) -40 to 155 C
Applications Multiple
Substrates Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics
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