Urethane Acrylate Adhesive UV21

One part, medium viscosity, fast curing urethane acrylate that bonds a wide variety of different substrates. Exhibits good surface wetting and adhesion to glass, metals, and a wide variety of plastic based substrates.

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Chemistry Urethane/Acrylate
Viscosity Part A (CPs) 4,500
Viscosity Part B (CPs)
Mix Ratio
Pot Life (min)* Until exposed to UV
Handling Time (min)* 30 sec with UV exposure
Full Cure** 1 – 2 J/cm2 total exposure
Cure Type UV
Color Clear
Hardness D50
Operating Temp (°C) -120 to 120 C
Applications Multiple
Substrates Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Plastic
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