Epoxy Adhesive 2E33-G

Long work life, two part, silver filled epoxy system designed to be used as a solder replacement. Thixotropic cured at room temperature in 24-48 hours or accelerated with heat. Provides a high amount of flexibility, excellent electrical conductivity (1×10-4 Ω*cm), and chemical resistance.

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Chemistry Epoxy
Viscosity Part A (CPs) Thixotropic
Viscosity Part B (CPs) Thixotropic
Mix Ratio 1:1
Pot Life (min)* 100
Handling Time (min)* 180
Full Cure** 24 hr @ RT or 1 hr @ 110oC
Cure Type 2 component with heat option
Color Silver
Hardness D40
Operating Temp (°C) -50 to 155 C
Applications Solder Replacement
Substrates Metals, plastics
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