Industrial Controls Electronics

With increasingly sophisticated automation, being required to work longer, harder and with reduced downtime, in new and emerging markets, industrial control assemblies continue to be placed in ever more demanding applications and end-use environments, where the risk of degradation in performance, due to extraneous factors such as humidity, salt-spray, noxious gases and other sources of corrosion continues to increase rapidly.

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These electronic assemblies and industrial computers continue to become an increasingly sophisticated and important aspect of both the functionality and reliability of modern industrial drives, automation systems, (uninterruptible) power supply units, air-conditioning backup generator systems, sensors and measurement systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and any other device that is controlled by, or relies upon electronic assemblies as part of its functionality.

The costs of failure (both direct fiscal from recalls and longer-term to brand equity) and the competitive need to provide longer warranties and greater levels of reliability, drive the need to increase the ‘mean time Between failures’ (MTBF) to the maximum possible duration.

Increasingly, conformal coating is becoming one of the most important methodologies requested by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and used by EMS suppliers) to prevent corrosion and degradation of assemblies in use, thus maximising reliability and minimising warranty claims due to extraneous corrosion. With the transition to lead-free assemblies, industrial controls as a segment has been hit hard by customers requiring increasing warranties, whilst knowing that they cannot achieve comparable levels as in lead-free assembly.

With the increasing adoption of silver, both as a solderability finish and as part of a typical SAC (Tin, Silver Copper) alloy (required by WEEE Initiative), and it’s known susceptibility to creep corrosion and other electrochemically driven corrosion processes, this can result in large warranty claims, especially in the more polluted emerging markets, as well as most major cities and of course, industrial processes that produce such noxious gases that can drive these corrosion failures.

HumiSeal is a leading supplier of conformal coatings to the industrial controls electronics industry for in-cabin electronics, under-hood electronics and exterior electronic applications, supplying every major OEM and EMS.

With the widest range of high performance conformal coatings, from every major type of protective chemistry, including acrylic, urethane and silicone, you can be certain that HumiSeal has a high-performance solution for your specific application.