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HumiSeal® Strengthens Support in Eastern Europe with New Appointment

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer, has announced the appointment of Bálint Győrffy as Technical Sales Engineer to further strengthen support to major customers throughout Eastern Europe. With an established background in the SMT industry, lint will be responsible for providing commercial and technical support to key customers and distributors in the area.

Bálint Győrffy Bálint Győrffy

Based in Budapest Hungary, Bálint is ideally located to provide support to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  His experience is in electronics manufacturing and SMT materials coming from Jabil Circuit as a Manufacturing and DFM (Design for Manufacture) engineer.

Before joining Jabil, Balint graduated from the University of Miskolc Faculty of Materials and Engineering with a MSC in polymer technology and a BSC in Ceramic and Silicate engineering.  He has experience in screen printing (stencil design, printing parameters), reflow soldering and selective soldering, machine programming, IPC-A-610 and lean manufacturing.  This appointment further strengthens HumiSeal’s commercial and technical team in Europe and their commitment to building a global support infrastructure.

Bálint Győrffy summed up his new role by saying:

I am really excited by the new challenges that this role brings, particularly in the customer-facing aspect.  I am also looking forward to further developing my existing skills to enable me to effectively support our customers and distributors ensuring that the HumiSeal brand continues to deliver the very best in conformal coating materials and support.

Chris Palin, EMEIA Manager for HumiSeal added:

I am delighted that Bálint has accepted this position and feel that he will quickly settle in to the new role adding value for our key customers and distributors throughout Eastern Europe.  He is already well versed in electronics manufacture and materials with considerable experience in the field. This experience combined with his enthusiasm for furthering his knowledge an understanding is an excellent fit for both HumiSeal and our customers alike.

HumiSeal Enjoys a Successful SMT Nuremberg 2016 With Interest in Several Key Product Ranges

humiseal-smt-2016The recent SMT 2016 event in Nuremberg has been hailed a great success by HumiSeal®, following a busy few days on the HumiSeal stand. The conformal coating manufacturer who had a stand in hall 7 were, at times, inundated with enquiries and meetings with both existing customers as well as new opportunities. The show which ran from 26th to 28th April 2016, welcomed over 15,000 visitors from across Europe to the event (figures from show organisers) cementing its place as a leading European event. For the many visitors that came to the HumiSeal stand it was a great opportunity to discuss their ideas, and requirements with both the HumiSeal technical and sales team as well as hearing first hand just how far conformal coatings have come as HumiSeal continues to  set the benchmark.

Commenting on the exhibition Chris Palin, EMEIA Manager for HumiSeal, said:

“We have been exhibiting at SMT for several years and despite hearing conflicting reports regarding the effectiveness of exhibitions, have always been delighted with the quality of the leads and enquiries. The events are a fantastic opportunity to meet so many people in our industry to listening to new ideas and applications as well as potential problems they may be experiencing and work with them to resolve them.”

“This year’s event very much followed this theme where we able to meet brand new potential customers, existing customers with new projects as well as catching up with several of our European distributors. The opportunity to talk about our new product developments in the areas of high temperature and LED applications and how it can address the industry’s increasingly demanding standards proves that the investment the we continue to invest in our R&D  is making a real difference for our customers.”

New Products and qualifications

HumiSeal were present at the show to actively promote several new and key products that have been developed in response market demand and technology trends. Although launched a few months ago, UV50 LV had just been further endorsed, gaining full UL 746E approval. In addition, the company was also keen to promote the new line of masking materials which have revolutionised this area of conformal coating by introducing a product that was easy to apply and is silicone free, something that the industry was very much in need of.

Finally, there was great interest in the products developed for the LED industry. The UV40 Solar and 1B73 LED are specifically formulated for coating LEDs & Photovoltaic applications  to minimize brightness or efficiency losses.

High Temperature Applications

In order to address the demands of high temperature, and thermal cycling requirements, HumiSeal was also keen to talk about its range of synthetic rubber coatings. 1B51 NSLU, whilst not a new product, is increasingly becoming more popular in Europe thanks to its superior resistance to thermal cycling damage. In addition the company’s 1B59 LU is able to withstand a constant temperature of 150 degrees whilst still providing exceptional protection to the assembly.

HumiSeal were also taking part in the IPC rework challenge being hosted by Bob Wills (also in Hall 7). HumiSeal had one of its micro abrasion systems operating to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of this conformal coating removal system. The bench top system safely and selectively removes all types of conformal coatings, including UV cure and Silicone without the need for harmful chemicals from printed circuit boards and components without causing any mechanical or ESD damage. It is equipped with adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation to enable removal of the coating from pinpoint areas to larger areas. This method requires some relative dexterity as it uses high velocity particles delivered through a nozzle. The system work chamber is illuminated with white or UV light to assist accuracy of removal, the work chamber is NASA ESD compliant.


HumiSeal announces expansion of operation into India

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer and distributor, continues its
globalisation with the recent expansion of sales, support and manufacturing operations
into Pune, India. This move further enhances the company’s ability to deliver a unified,
robust supply to a growing global customer base.

HumiSeal already has a well-established customer base in India, currently supported by a network of distributors throughout the country. This latest announcement enhances HumiSeal’s ability to provide technical, sales, manufacturing and chemical handling as well as packaging services as it sees continued growth in the region.

To date, the company has made significant investments in its manufacturing facilities both in Winnersh UK and Pittsburgh, USA enhancing our catastrophe mitigation strategy to allow for an even more robust and sustainable global supply line for the HumiSeal products.

By having a unified manufacturing and distribution operation, HumiSeal can continue to meet the supply demands globally – ensuring that its channel partner network/customers and ultimately the end users, get the products they need when they need them.

Commenting on this announcement, Chris Palin, EMEIA manager, said:

“This is an exciting time for us, India is a strategic market for HumiSeal. We have worked hard to implement a consistent manufacturing and distribution model across our entire Global customer base regardless of their location or requirements. By extending operations to India we are able to ensure that every customer is able to expect the same level of service and product quality. “

HumiSeal® presenting at High-Reliability & Conformal Coating Conference

HumiSeal®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of conformal coatings has announced that Jeff Sargent, Director of R&D will be taking part in the upcoming High-Reliability and Conformal Coating Conference being organised by the IPC & SMTA. The 3-day event will be held at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg, Illinois from the 18th – 20th November 2014. The event includes tutorials and technical conferences giving delegates the opportunity to hear directly from experts on the challenges of cleaning and selecting the correct conformal coating.

What will I Learn from HumiSeal?

Jeff will be presenting as part of a forum on “case studies” of conformal coatings.  The presentation will focus specifically on proper coating selection and process set up for UV curable coatings and their impact on coating performance. The coatings in this instance were the popular UV40 and UV40-250 materials being utilized within the automotive industry.

HumiSeal’s range of UV curing products has seen significant growth since its introduction in 2005, as electronics manufacturers around the world discover the benefits of using them in their medium and high-volume manufacturing processes. These benefits include:

  • Snap cure
  • Fast cycle times and throughput
  • Thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance
  • VOC free enabling compliance with increasingly stringent environmental legislation.

The Event

As conductors and circuit traces become narrower the question of what is acceptably clean for one industry segment may be unacceptable in others. The IPC and SMTA, High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference will cover technological developments in all areas of cleaning and coating applied to electronics assemblies. The event will include a technical conference, two half-day tutorials, networking activities and tabletop exhibits. The tutorials are designed to provide practical information on materials, equipment and methodologies at the basic-to-intermediate levels. The technical conference will feature advanced-level presentations from subject-matter experts, emphasizing case studies of real-world problems along with solutions.

Jeff Sargeant, R&D Director for Chase Corporation, commented:

“HumiSeal has been working hard behind the scenes and our investment in new technology and product research means that we can offer real solutions from across the chemistry spectrum. This opportunity to work with the IPC and SMTA alongside others from this are of production will allow HumiSeal to help customers understand the importance of selecting the correct conformal coating for their applications as well as working with them through any issues they may be having. Our legacy conformal coatings continue to be popular. However, technology advances and test environments mean that we could not sit on our laurels but had to engineer a coating that would meet the increasingly aggressive test and approval process being faced by us all. We are completely focused on continuing to deliver our customers a sustainable, competitive advantage by staying ahead of emerging technologies”.

September: Productronica India

Productronica India has proven to be the number one and leading electronics trade shows in India and South Asia.

The fairs clearly demonstrate their close links to the world’s leading trade fairs electronica and productronica in Munich. The synergies created will lead to further growth within the next few years.

electronica India and productronica India are one of the best promoted brands in India, in 2011 the shows managed to receive over 10,000 visitors and in 2012, the number of visitors is expected to be much higher than last year.

In addition to the high number of focused visitors, the presence of potential buyers of electronica hall in the adjoining productronica hall are big advantages of the shows.
Concurrent to the shows, there are two international conferences: “International Conference on Contract Manufacturing” and “Symposium Trends and Future Requirements in Automotive Electronics”.

Bangalore international Exhibition Centre is a world class exhibition centre located in the heart of Bangalore.

The experienced MMI India team has a profound knowledge of local customs and business practices.

It has close contact and excellent know how of the industry, the local market and the trade media.

electronica India and productronica India co-operate with ministries and official organizations and are supported by all important industry associations.

Messe München guarantees outstanding organizers‘ know-how for trade fairs and market and trade fair quality “made in Germany”.

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HumiSeal takes on fake businesses in Asia to protect product quality and customers

Leading vendor of conformal coating solutions, HumiSeal®, has announced it is taking direct action on a number of fronts against counterfeit products and the organizations that manufacturers and distribute them. One recent case, a company calling itself Kunshan Xiaoxi Electronic even went to the trouble of forging an authorizing letter to try and convince would be customers they were buying legitimate product.

Keith Waryold, Global Business Director for Chase Electronic Coatings (the operating division for HumiSeal) explains why HumiSeal is taking these occurrences seriously and what steps it is taking to ensure customers are protected from this sub-standard product. “More and more we are hearing that counterfeiting in China is reaching a crisis point, not just in our industry but across many and the problem appears to be getting worse each year. We take this situation extremely seriously and will pursue any organization or individual that tries to infringe on our IP (Intellectual Property) in order to protect not only the customer but also the reputation of our products.”

“To this end we are actively searching these companies and individuals out as well as making significant investments in our global manufacturing facilities that further standardizes the quality and repeatability of our products including modernized automated equipment.”

All authorized distributors for HumiSeal products can be found on the HumiSeal website here: if you suspect something is not right with your supplier or you are buying HumiSeal branded product from a supplier that is not listed please contact HumiSeal.

Additional information on counterfeiting in general

Source: This is an excerpt from an article originally published in an issue of the China Business Review.

How counterfeiters operate

Counterfeiters worldwide use increasingly sophisticated methods to avoid detection by rights holders and law enforcement bodies. Even if detected, their operating methods are designed to minimize potential penalties.

Corporate practices

Counterfeiters frequently use front companies or front men to register companies that produce counterfeits. This makes it difficult to identify the true players behind a counterfeit operation and make them liable for their unlawful acts. Furthermore, company production and sales records do not indicate that counterfeits are being produced and sold; rather, model numbers and code words are used. Even if a rights holder obtains these records as part of an investigation or raid action, they can be difficult to use unless the meaning of the model numbers and code words can be explained satisfactorily to a court.

Production processes

Like all good modern businesses, counterfeiters use just-in-time production and rarely keep inventories to reduce carrying costs and the risk of seizure. They produce only to order, making it difficult to seize large volumes of counterfeit products. If counterfeiters do keep stock, they usually keep it separate from manufacturing facilities in a secret location leased in the name of a front company, making it difficult to link to the counterfeiter. Rights holders can find these locations only after in-depth investigation.

The more sophisticated counterfeiters will not make products themselves. Instead, they use separate subcontractors to make different parts of the counterfeit goods, which are then assembled by another subcontractor.

Sales and distribution

To avoid detection by investigators, counterfeiters do not provide samples to prospective “buyers” and will refuse to deal with potential customers who do not make a substantial purchase. This can make it difficult and expensive to confirm whether counterfeiting activities are occurring. To mount any type of civil or criminal case, it is generally necessary to have a sample of the counterfeit product.

Even if a counterfeiter accepts an order, the main players behind counterfeiting rarely take delivery of counterfeit products themselves. Instead, products are shipped directly from sub-contractors to freight forwarders. Payment for counterfeits is usually made to entities separate from the production and sales companies. This can make it difficult to tie the counterfeiter directly to seized products, hindering criminal prosecution.

Finally, sophisticated counterfeiters will often buy genuine products on the gray market and mix them with counterfeit products. This can make criminal prosecution difficult because in most criminal justice systems, defendants can avoid criminal liability if they can show that they have been innocently caught up in counterfeiting activities. Those found in possession of mixed products can simply claim that they have been duped and that they checked the products, which appeared to be genuine.

Wall of Shame

Updated July 2014

HumiSeal® strengthens European presence with new Ireland distribution agreement

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer and distributor, has signed an agreement with Ireland based distributor Solder Connection to distribute HumiSeal’s award winning range of conformal coatings throughout Ireland.

Based in Dublin, Solder Connection has established a solid reputation within the Irish electronics industry supplying materials to the manufacturing base. This reputation will help to further strengthen HumiSeal’s presence in the region and develop its coatings business. The remit of the agreement means that Solder Connection will distribute HumiSeal’s entire range of coating solutions and will enable it to develop new customers, as well as increase its involvement with a number of established existing customers.

Martyn Penfold, managing director of Solder Connection, summed up the agreement by saying:
“I am delighted Solder Connection has been selected as a distributor partner for HumiSeal’s suite of conformal coating solutions. We have seen a growth in interest in conformal coating materials throughout our customers and aligning with a prestigious brand such as HumiSeal means that there are plenty of opportunities. The quality of the HumiSeal solutions combined with our knowledge and understanding of the Irish market will allow us to exploit these opportunities.”

Chris Palin, European sales manager for HumiSeal Europe, added:
“Solder Connection has built a strong and powerful reputation and presence throughout the region which is backed by a strong engineering and technical support network. HumiSeal is in a unique position of being completely independent when it comes to coatings chemistry and with over 50 years in developing solutions, we are able to ensure that we meet the exact product requirements for our customers. There are many synergies between our companies that will allow us to effectively supply and support coating solutions throughout Ireland.”

HumiSeal® to use Apex 2013 to showcase NEW product launches

HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer and distributor, has announced that it will use the Apex 2013 event in San Diego as a platform to launch a number of new products to the Global market designed to diversify its portfolio base and address the growing trend of selective coating, high temperature applications. The company has been working hard developing a range of new products that align with its popular existing portfolio aimed at meeting the requirements of the ever increasing stringent test and operating conditions faced by manufacturers in all industries. Visitors to the company’s booth (booth 2102) will be able to see first hand the benefits these latest products deliver.


Amongst the new products that are being launched are a range of silicone based coatings 1C63, 1C49LVF and 1C49HVF

  • 1C63 – Single part for ease of use, 1C63 is VOC free, dual cure UV/RTV material that facilitates rapid processing and automation and is specifically designed for complex circuit boards. It is UL746E approved making it ideal for a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor applications and is compatible to sensitive metals thanks to the absence of corrosive cure by-products.
  • 1C49LVF and 1C49HVF (low viscosity, high viscosity respectively) are also single part for ease of use but are suitable for higher temperature environments up to 140°C (UL Thermal Index 140C T1)
    All of the new silicone products also feature a UV tracer element making optical inspection easier by fluorescing under UV light.


The highly successful UV40 product has been expanded to include UV40-Solar which was initially formulated specifically for photovoltaic (PV) applications due to its enhanced UV stability, is finding more use in other temperature and chemically resistant applications so that it does not discolor or degrade over time. The product is especially suited to the white goods market such as washing machines, tumble dryers and other kitchen appliances. Applications that use LED’s and High Density LED also benefit from UV40-Solar properties.


The new generation of masking products, HumiTape, is an entirely new range designed to address many of the common issues surrounding the use of masking products. This second generation of product follows extensive R&D trials and tests to ensure that it meets the exacting standards required when being used with conformal coatings. Available in either standard or custom sizes they are extremely versatile. They are silicone free, anti-static and extremely easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the substrate.

Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director for HumiSeal, summed up why this year’s event will be so important:
“The electronics industry continues to go through some challenging times and it is vital that we are able to stay ahead of emerging technologies in this dynamic sector to ensure we offer our customers a sustainable competitive advantage. Our investment in new technology and product research means that we can offer real solutions from across the chemistry spectrum ensuring we continue to supply conformal coatings globally that are capable of increasing the reliability and performance of the end use device ”.